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About Athena Small Equipment Repair

Athena Small Equipment Repair was started by Gwen Beattie in February of '93. She learned how to fix things like a lot of mechanics do by passing wrenches to her father as he worked on the family car. He was an electrical mechanical engineer in the Canadian Forces and he passed his knowledge on to his daughter. Later they would work side by side in his repair shop Garth's Small Equipment where Gwen honed her skills as a mechanic.

When she started her business her father was there to help her get it off the ground and his support and belief in her has always been her driving force. Today she has expanded from her small shop where she fixed lawnmowers and snowblowers to a new larger location where our staff of mechanics fix electric, pneumatic and hydraulic power tools. But Gwen's philosophy has never changed. Do a good job not a fast job and always remember Dad is watching.

Gwen and Her Dad in 1993

Gwen and Her Dad in 1993

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